New Premium Pay for Front-Line Workers

In caring deeply for our employees and knowing that normal working conditions have seen drastic changes recently, I have been lobbying the provincial government along with other Directors of Home Care Ontario, to recognize our valued front line workers.  We have been relentless in asking government to deliver a premium pay increase to the front-line during these unprecedented times.  Those of you who have been speaking with Human Resources recently, are aware that this “lobbying” has been happening behind the scenes for several weeks.

We are happy to announce that our advocacy has been heard!

 Our Provincial Government announced yesterday (April 25th, 2020):

“Effective Immediately, This increase will provide an additional $4.00 per hour, on top of existing hourly wages, regardless of the qualified employee’s hourly wage. In addition, employees working an eligible number of hours

per month would receive lump sum payment of $250 per month for each of

the next four months (sixteen weeks).”

We do not know yet how or when these funds with be forwarded to enable us to pay the additional premium pay.  The legislation is to be tabled in the next few days, when we will have more details.  Please be patient as we learn more, and commit to getting you this very deserving premium pay as quickly as possible.Everything we learn regarding the details of this this premium pay will be communicated to you in the coming days.   

Nightingale appreciates and values your dedication to your clients, and will always advocate for our most valued resource – our employees.

We are in this together,

Sally Harding

President & CEO