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COVID-19 Pharmacy Vaccine Locations

Find your closest pharmacy to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
Most pharmacies book appointments ahead of time and some allow walk-ins. Check with the pharmacy before you go.
Due to supply challenges, certain pharmacies offering the COVID-19 vaccine may be out of stock. Please check with your pharmacy first.

Please consult the Ontario Government's COVID-19 vaccine locations website.
Check back often, as the page is being updated frequently.

Nightingale Nursing Received the BAA Award for Outstanding Resilience!

Nightingale Nursing is proud to receive the BAA award for outstanding resilience, innovation and determination in the face of a global pandemic from Northumberland County and the Mayor of Cobourg!

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Home Care Tax Credit

How Ontarians can help influence government

Home Care Ontario is pleased to announce that we are asking the Ontario Government to consider a Home Care Tax Credit in the Spring 2021 Budget.

And now we need your help!

Introducing a tax credit is one of the best ways the government can help support seniors living at home, and we know we need thousands of seniors to tell them this is the case!

Please feel free to send this information to your friends, family, groups and communities that you feel would benefit from a Home Care Tax Credit.

Please take a moment and visit know to send a letter to the province right now and join the chorus of seniors and their families calling for this important tax credit.

COVID-19 has demonstrated just how vital home care services are in keeping seniors healthy and safe. Across Ontario, family-funded home care services help seniors to live more independently, remain in their homes for longer, and avoid accidents and illnesses that could cause them to leave their homes unnecessarily. This is why we are calling on the Ontario Government to create a Home Care Tax Credit for family-funded home care services.

Please, visit and with a few simple clicks you can send a letter of support to the province today.

This will go a long way towards helping us achieving our goal of building an Ontario where every senior can live at home for as long as possible.

The Home Care Ontario Team

Aging at Home IS Possible

The demands and responsibilities of a family can be difficult especially when you have growing children on one side and aging parents on the other. Let Nightingale assist you in caring for you and your loved ones. Anything from picking up the groceries to providing post-surgical care. Our qualified, compassionate health care professionals are available 24/7 when you need them and have been for 35 years. We know you have a choice when selecting your health care provider, choose Nightingale, “Our Caring You’ll Remember”.

The Nightingale Difference

  • Compassionate – Caregivers That Truly Connect With Their Clients' Needs
  • Reliable – We Provide The Assurance You Need That Care Is Delivered On Time, When You Need It
  • Consistency of Caregiver – We Value the Relationships We Build
  • Skilled – Specialize in Alzheimer's, Dementia, Mechanical Lifts, Medication Management and Many Additional Areas
  • Educated – All Our Caregivers Hold Certificates from Accredited Colleges
  • Professional – Translates to Respectful, Dignified, Confidential Home Care


Names may have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

Nightingale News

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Stay strong, stay kind and when you can, please stay home. Today (June 9th 2021) we are expecting updated measures surrounding COVID 19 and the re-opening of the Province of Ontario. Please see the link below for further details to stay informed. May 22nd 2021 Our Provincial guidelines regarding Covid restrictions have loosened, please see […]

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